About Us

We are Ayurvita Healthcare Pvt Ltd. 
We made RaproCell because we believe nothing should restrict you from reaching your full potential; NOT EVEN CANCER. 

At Ayurvita, we are a team of qualified Doctors, Pharmacists, and Chemists who work in synergy for your well-being. We believe in the power that Ayurved and Phytonutrients behold and we are determined to transfer that to you in a sachet packed with power molecules.

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What We Do?

We protect you from terminal types of tumor cancers.
If you found us after your cancer was detected. We help strengthen your body cells to fight against the fatal cancer tumor cells.
We help your body to not feed the essential energy to the tumor cells, instead, starve them and use the nutrients to become your powerhouse naturally so that the tiny tumor within you doesn't become your weakness.