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ATP and Acetogenins




Excess amounts of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) around the cancer tumors.

And RaproCell aims to inhibit these ATP synthase enzymes around the cancer tumor cells.

But What is ATP?

  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency of the cell

  • ATP transfers energy from chemical bonds to endergonic (energy absorbing) reactions within the cell

Structurally, ATP consists of the adenine nucleotide

  • Ribose Sugar

  • Adenine Base

  • Phosphate Group

  • Calcium Phosphate (po4)2

  • Plus two other phosphate groups

  • In non-technical terms, ATP is the

  • Energy source for cellular division

ATP inhibition in cancer cells can be related to gasoline consumption in automobiles.

Cancer cells can be related to a gas guzzling SUV. Normal cells are like fuel efficient hybrid cars. Using the same amount of gas the SUV will become immobile, while the hybrid car keeps on running.

Cells operate similarly. Regular cells can operate and reproduce on limited ATP. Cancer cells need lots of ATP to reproduce rapidly. They cannot survive a reduction of ATP, or they will die.

Regulating ATP With Acetogenins

The Annonaceous Acetogenins are very good and effective inhibitors of enzymatic activity that is carried out in tumor or cancerous cells hence they do no harm to normal healthy cells. Researches published by the Purdue University claimed that the Acetogenins were very effective in killing tumors that showed resistance to the antitumor medication.

A tumor cell needs more energy to run its functions than a normal and healthy cell. The Acetogenins work in such a way that they block the ATP going to the tumor cell and eventually the cell is unable to sustain its functions and dies away.

Many strains of Acetogenins have shown remarkable ATP inhibiting characteristics that are especially effective in case of breast cancer. Research indicates the Acetogenins show a defined toxicity against tumor cells present in:

  • prostate adenocarcinoma

  • colon adenocarcinoma cell lines

  • human lymphoma cell lines

  • human breast solid tumor lines

  • liver cancer cell lines

  • pancreatic carcinoma cell lines

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